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Ozbey Hygienic Products Inc.'s brand product Myleydi has given the company a new dimention. Quality and hygiene, two key words have always been our main principle when producing Myleydi for women's special days with a slogan;Feel its trust more than presence. While Myleydi products are exported to Europe and Middle Eastern countries, our target is by 2010 we are hoping to reach millions of women in around 60 countries. Myleydi products are produced with the lastest technology and specially designed structure, shapes and specifications for women. Furthermore, baby diaper brand ELBEBEK product is also a fresh breath in the sector supplying top quality comfort for babies. ELBEBEK is very good to cover a baby body with Body Shaped speciality, it gives freedom of movement to the babies. It stops leakage by its side barrier systems. Feel yourself in comfort with ELBEBEK while the baby is very actively playing.

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Established Date: 1948  Tax Office: Marmara Kurumlar  Tax Number: 6680159663  Staff Count: 51-100  Export Specialist: Ali KODA┼×