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Aim Global is a Turkish producer of fast moving consumer goods, owned by a family with 40 years of experience. We produce hygiene solutions for babies and adults with modern technology which are improved everyday by R&D.
Boni Kimya is a producer of Baby diapers, hygeinic pads, wet wipes and adult diapers under the brandnames of Pomiks, Bravo, Baby Nice and Boni. We also supply baby shampoo, cutton buds, under pads, vaselin, baby powder under our registered brands. Strict quality control management system and over 20 years of experience in the field, positions Boni Kimya in a leading position in Turkey. We use first class raw materials from world famous companies ton ensure the quality of our products and brands. Currently, our products are distributed all over in Turkey and we export our products to more than 40 countries in Africa, Middle East and the Balkans. Boni Kimya is a very flexible producer company in terms of meeting demands from various countries with its different brands and packages. In addition to our own brands, we also do private labeling.
GZT GROUP is headquartered in Gaziantep, a group that highlights its activities in various fields. From the food sector, the health and hygiene sector to the child care products, the bulk of the activities of the GZT GROUP is through the export channels, and the process of exporting and selling to different parts of the world
Yenigun Ticaret which has started business life by trading paint, hardboard and glue has stepped into the diaper sector in 2004 with the name of Yenigun Diaper in Adana as one of the first diaper producers in the region. Our company has gain the respect of Turkish and national companies’. Yenigun Diaper is moving forward to be the pioneer Turkish company about technology and quality of diaper sector with aware of their responsibilities to their employees, to the community and of course to the environment. Our most important principle is to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers by the help of our responsible, effectively managed employees which are well equipped with communication and educational skills. Saving the world and environment, reducing the waste at the source, reducing the risks and recycling is our most important duty and sharing the informations about our precautions regarding these activities with all our customers, employees and suppliers is highly important for us. In all phases, proffesionals are in charge of production for the highest benefits to provide you the healthy, hygienic, high quality and reliable products.
PREDO Medical Products Industry and Trade INC Company, was established in the year of 2013 to the 2.Organized Industrial Zone with the purpose of baby diaper manufacturing. The first Baby Diaper Produ
The Ministry of Health, ISO 9001 and CE certifications, which produce and sell baby diapers, sanitary towels, hygienic pads, wet towel products, which are designed to be more institutionalized every day open to development and innovation, respecting modern and consumer rights and holding a quality pre- it is the company.
Kamelya Group from Gaziantep / Turkey is one of the leading companies in hygiene sector in Turkey. We would like to offer our product range to you in order to see if we can develop a project together with you in your country. In our range, we have branded products which are in price quality index highly attractive. • Baby Diapers • Adult Diapers • Underpads • Wet Wipes • Ladies Pad(Sanitary Napkins) We will arrange the pricing based on your country's competitive environment.
Ozbey Hygienic Products Inc.'s brand product Myleydi has given the company a new dimention. Quality and hygiene, two key words have always been our main principle when producing Myleydi for women's special days with a slogan;Feel its trust more than presence. While Myleydi products are exported to Europe and Middle Eastern countries, our target is by 2010 we are hoping to reach millions of women in around 60 countries. Myleydi products are produced with the lastest technology and specially designed structure, shapes and specifications for women. Furthermore, baby diaper brand ELBEBEK product is also a fresh breath in the sector supplying top quality comfort for babies. ELBEBEK is very good to cover a baby body with Body Shaped speciality, it gives freedom of movement to the babies. It stops leakage by its side barrier systems. Feel yourself in comfort with ELBEBEK while the baby is very actively playing.
Halk Hygienic is a strong and powerful Turkish company that has competed with the world giants abroad and achieved great success and continues to do so. Behind these achievements is a management understanding that have a vision which increases the brand's value and recognition. Open to different ideas and innovations, Halk Hygienic constantly supports its employees through professional-personal development and training programs. Halk Hijyenik Urunler ve Deterjan Sanayi (M/s Halk Hygienical Products and Detergent Industry Co.) manufactures in a hands-free hygienic environment with the highest technology fast production and packing lines, that are compatible with ISO 9001 quality standards; has an annually 1.192.680.000 pieces of baby diapers and, 449.280.000 pieces of sanitary napkins production capacity, in a modern production plant of 44000 sq. meter of which 28500 sq. meter is covered. Having already been exported TAFFY, GIZMO, AMIGO branded baby diapers; NICELADY, GIZLADY branded sanitary napkins; DrPedical branded adult diapers and, TAFFY branded wet wipes to more than 50 countries, HALK HYGIENIC has attained a place in the European Market and, continues to grow with the investments on R&D and HR while securing its position in the sector.
"Boss" is a leading producer and supplier of hygienic paper products , medical supplies , packaging and promotional bags specially designed for customer’s own brands. Through our knowledge of European markets, trends and local consumer requirements, we can respond rapidly and flexibly to marketplace changes and offer our customers individual product concepts, consultancy and services. We have a unique blend of 10 years’ experience, integrity and creativity, which makes us the ultimate go-to promotional partner for any company/brand requiring a safe and reliable vehicle for their advertising. We are one of the fastest growing promotional item suppliers with its more than 130 global customers from all around the world. We prepare and produce our orders with the greatest attention to detail, which has set us apart from the very beginning to final the delivery. Most of our products have large areas for personalization, a wide range of different shapes, including custom-made shapes. Our company’s well developed communication skills, well organized production schedules for specific deadlines, being capable of quick-answering flexible and customized orders are what make us unique in the market. Let us help you, today, share your tender details with us or simply find the product that fits your need from our web site.